Hola Gringos!
... And Seekers of Truth, Sunshine & the Mexican Way

"Golson combines wry humor with personal experience in this highly entertaining and informative account of life on Mexico's Pacific coast..." [more]

Gringos in Paradise is the story of the year my wife and I spent building a retirement home in a small, charming village on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

This is a book for anyone who's considered chucking the rat race—getting away from it all, retiring to the place of their dreams and carving out a new life. It's a book for the adventurers among us who "will not go gentle into that good night," for empty-nesters who are thinking about the second, or third, or fourth acts in our lives.

Gringos in Paradise is the story of how we picked ourselves up after the kind of late-career bump that we all go through, and did the kind of thing that we all dream about. It’s a fresh look at how gringos and Mexicans really get along, about an altered pace of life and time, and about the pitfalls, joys and personal satisfactions we got from pointing our car south and starting over. And the laughs we had, most at our own expense.

Use it as a guidebook, a reality check, or a source of inspiration. Gringos in Paradise may be the answer you're looking for.

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