Barry and Thia GolsonBarry Golson tried to retire to write full time in Mexico, but put it on hold to launch, a travel site for Forbes. He is a former editor of World Press Review, the Playboy interviews, TV Guide, and Yahoo! Internet Life. While at Playboy, he co-interviewed or collaborated on a number of interviews, including those with Jimmy Carter and John Lennon.
He has written for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Ski, Diversion, and Salon. His article on Mexico for AARP The Magazine won a Lowell Thomas Travel Writing award. He is also the editor of two volumes of Playboy interviews, and the co-author of a comic novel. He attended Yale as an undergraduate and went to Stanford as a graduate student.

Thia Golson, researcher extraordinaire, graduated from Northwestern, worked in interior design and edited The Boomer Report, a newsletter about baby boomer trends. Thia embarked on their Mexican adventure without knowing Spanish and lived through every cobblestone bump with bemused patience and good cheer. The couple has published a new book on living abroad called Retirement Without Borders. (You can visit its site at They have two grown sons, divide their time between New York City and Sayulita, and look forward someday to re-retiring.